While waiting for the plans to come in, I thought I’d start on a set of oars. I’m building the oars as described in Jim Michalak’s Boatbuilding for Beginners. They are 7′ oars cut from 1″x6″ select pine. I spent about 3 hours today drawing them out on the boards and cutting out the first one before it got dark. Next I’ll cut out the second oar and then laminate the pieces together with Titebond 2 glue. After that the final sawing and shaping. Finally I’ll finish them with multiple coats of spar varnish.

20140105_174633_resized 20140105_151701_resized

While getting materials for the oars today I also picked up some other things:

  • Sandpaper disks $40
  • 3 16 oz tubes of Titebond 2 glue $16
  • 2 1″x6″x8′ select pine boards $32

Total time: 3 hours
Total cost: $276


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