Oars 3

It may not seem like much but I’m thrilled to make any progress on a project during the week. It frequently seems that between work, dinner and getting the kids ready for bed we don’t get much of anything else accomplished. Spending a few minutes a night is better than nothing and it gives the glue plenty of time to dry before any shaping work on the weekend. Tonight Molly wanted to help with the oars. She painted on the glue and put on the clamps while I held the pieces together.

Molly also started practicing with the block plane

After messing around with the block plane for a while, I’m very pleased with how much wood we can knock off fairly quickly. I think we’ll be able to do all the shaping without needing the band saw. Now if only we had a work bench in the family room with a vice. Somehow I don’t think Tanya will go for that though…


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