Oars 5

I’ve been working on the oars a little bit each day. They start at a 2″ square near the handles (inside the boat) to act as counter weights for 16″. Then they taper down to 1.25″ round for 32″ until they hit the oar blade. The blade itself also gets tapered from 3/4″ in the middle to 1/4″ at the edges. At this point I’d say I have about 6 hours into them and I have the 16″ of 2×2 finished. I have 2 sides tapered down to the 1.25″. I have the lines drawn for the other 2 tapers. I’m going to attempt to cut it on the table saw. I used the table saw today to shave down the other tapers and it worked pretty well. It’s certainly a lot faster than the block plane. I’ll attempt that this weekend. If I can rough cut it close to the line and then plane to the final line, I’ll be happy. Once it’s tapered squarely, I’ll start knocking the corner down with the block plane until it’s octagonal. Not sure at this point how close to round I’ll really go. This whole project is much more about functional and low cost than it is about perfection and beauty. If we have fun painting skulls and crossbones on the oars instead of 6 coats of spar varnish I’m good with that.

In other news, the plans for the Piccup Pram have arrived so I have dimensions for the rudder, leeboard, mast & spars to start building next.


Total time: 6 hours
Total cost: $276


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