Oars 8 – shaping complete

Just over 2 weeks have past since starting this project and both oars are complete and ready for finishing. I’ve decided to go with spar varnish at this point since the oars turned out better than I expected. One of the things I’ve learned listening to wooden boat podcasts is that the building process in putting a wooden boat together is usually only about 60% of the work. The other 40% is finishing work. I expect the multiple coats of varnish with sanding in between will take up another good chunk of time, but that will have to wait for warmer weather. We’re heading for another week of 40s and below, so the oars will be tucked into a corner waiting for warmer weather to finish them.

Gluing up the oars took about a third of a 16oz bottle of Titebond II glue. Each oar took one 60 grit sheet of sandpaper for the orbital sander.

Oars ready for finish

Oars ready for finish

Total time: 11.5 hours
Total cost: $276


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