Wood shopping

Today I filled a small crack in one of the oars with sawdust mixed in with glue. I’m having second thoughts about the varnish. I think I’m going to paint them white and then have the girls paint pictures on the oars in  a couple of colors. Then I’ll throw a couple of coats of varnish over that to protect their pictures.

I popped over to Lowe’s and picked up a nice looking 2″x6″ 10′ long from which I’ll cut the yard and the boom. The yard is supposed to be 1.5″ round and the boom is supposed to be 1″ round. I’ll cut them square on the table saw and then plane them down with the block plane and sander. I also picked up some twine to wrap the oars and a bit of rope for future use.

Soon it will be time to get some plywood. I need a 12′ long 2″x4″ and two slices of 1/4″ plywood to make the mast which starts 2″ round and tapers down to 1.5″ round.

Also about time to order the sail kit.

Total time: 11.5 hours
Total cost: $292


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