Yard and boom

Today I ripped the 2×6 down into the rough cuts of the yard and boom. The yard is going to be 1.5″ round and holds the top of the lug sail up. The boom is 1″ round and holds the bottom of the sail. I just ran both through the table saw today slightly larger than their final widths. We’ll start planing them down to size. I learned about a neat tool today called a spar gauge. In order to take a 4 sided piece of wood to 8 sides you can use a spar gauge which uses some slick geometry to mark out the correct proportions even on wood that already has a taper. Check out the details here. I’ll make myself one of these to play with in order to cut the corners on all the spars (a generic term which includes the mast, boom, yard, etc).

Molly saw I had a drink cozie that said I’d rather be in my RV. I told her I need to get a new one that said I’d rather be in my sailboat, so she made me one.

It has a nice drawing of a sailboat on one side and says “I’d rather be in my sale boat” on the other. Super cute.


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