Birthday Shopping!

Mom and Dad sent me a check for my birthday (thanks, guys! love you) to go towards the boat. I took the day off today thinking I might go sailing, but with snow still on the ground I thought it would be more fun to work on boat building stuff. I put in a big order for all kinds of stuff to Duck Works. I bought $156 worth of rudder pintels & gudgeons, various cleats, fiberglass tape, ropes, etc. Should be some stuff left over for the next boat too. Then I also put in an order for some rubber stops for the rudders – $14 and an order of bronze ring shank nails from Jamestown Distributors for $36.

Took the trailer up to Lowe’s and picked up a 10′ 2×8 to rip down into chine logs and stringers for the bottom of the boat. I also bought 4 sheets of 1/4″ BC plywood so we’re ready to build a boat! That should be it for spending money until the sail kit and paint.



Total time: 12 hours
Total cost: $631


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