I’ve never had any fancy wood working tools and don’t plan to purchase any in the near future, but I did finally get myself a nice japanese water stone for sharpening blades and a Veritas honing guide from Woodcraft. I spent about an hour tonight sharpening two old chisels and the blade on the block plane. The water stone is a 1000 grit/5000 grit combo stone. The Veritas guide was a huge help. It locks the blade at the perfect angle and you just roll back and forth. The final finish on the blade really does look like a mirror. In hind sight I would have bought two separate stones instead of the back to back combo because you can use two separate stones against each other to flatten them out again. After sharpening the chisels for a while the 1000 grit stone ended up with a bit of a wallow. It wasn’t strictly time on the boat, but I’ll count it against the total:

Total time: 15 hours
Total cost: $631


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