Yard 5

A few nights ago I spent an hour or so working on the yard. What started the night as a hexagon ended as an octagon. When the weather warms up a little again I’ll hit this with the orbital sander and knock the points down to make it more or less roundish. Now we’re in the middle of the largest snowstorm in a few years so there is definitely no boating going on. I’ll start the boom shaping next. The boom is a 1″ square at the moment. I’ll take that down to an octagon with the block plane and then hit that with the sander as well. Both will also need some holes drilled in the ends to tighten the sails on. The weather is supposed to warm up a bit this weekend. Maybe I can even cut the 2 masts out of the SYP laminate I made.




lots of shavings

lots of shavings

Total time: 17 hours
Total cost: $631


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