Now it really is a boat!

I put another 4ish hours into the boat today. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The kids were playing outside and occasionally banging in a nail. We glued and nailed the bottom on the boat and then flipped it over. I ran some messy epoxy fillets into most of the bottom seams. Like everything else with the boat, it’s all about function and not beauty. I’ve got a few more interior seams to fillet and then we’ll flip it back over and run some fiberglass tape along the exterior seams. Priming and painting is not so very far away.

It's a boat!

It’s a boat!

With the above hull picture we officially qualify as “3D” in order to register at and get an official hull number. The most recent hull number on the site is 855 registered on 2/19/14, so maybe we’ll be 856. Should know soon.

Total time: 37 hours
Total boat cost: $431
Total tools cost: $200


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