Lamination Fail

I rushed the lamination of the rudder pieces yesterday in hopes of being able to shape them this weekend and this is what I got:

Lamination fail

Lamination fail

I glued the pieces and then just put weights on top, but didn’t clamp the edges. The glue kind of sucked in and the edges opened up. It might not be a total loss though. The pieces are larger than necessary, so I’ll try to cut the final shapes out of them and see how the edges look there. I’m planning to give them a good epoxy coating and some fiberglass reinforcement. Hopefully it’ll still work out.

Total time: 37.5 hours
Total boat cost: $431
Total tools cost: $200


2 thoughts on “Lamination Fail

  1. If you decide to try again, warm the wood and work as much unthickened resin into the wood as it will absorb.
    Wait 20 min and recoat any dry spots. Once it quits sucking the resin in, then laminate with thickened resin (bog).
    Just do it all in one go before the epoxy cures hard and you don’t have to worry about sanding or blush. BTW, epoxy doesn’t really need to be clamped as tight as wood glues do. Have seen people drill holes to allow through bolts for clamping so you can squeeze from the middle outwards to avoid entrapped air pockets. After cure remove the bolts and fill the holes with bog.
    Can do it with drywall screws too, important thing that whatever fasteners you use have to “float” in holes in the lamination, use squares of scrap wood as “nuts and washers” if you use drywall screws. all these fasteners make it hard to keep the lamination flat if it is a big piece. Might be able to screw it right in to your work bench to keep it flat if you can cover bench with plastic.

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