Epoxy Fillets Complete

I didn’t get as much done on the boat this weekend as I had hoped, but I did finish the epoxy fillets. Working with epoxy when it’s cool is so different from the summer when it would set up so quickly. I was using colloidal silica as the thickener, but I almost ran out of it and the epoxy was so slow to set that it really sagged and didn’t stay nicely in the corners. I’ve ordered some wood flour as a thickener. I need to mix up more thickened epoxy to fill some cracks and gaps on the exterior. I got the outside edges rounded off thanks to Justin’s router. Fiberglass doesn’t like to stick to sharp 90 degree corners so rounding off the edges where the fiberglass will go is important. The days are getting warmer and staying light longer, so maybe I’ll be able to do some boat work in the evenings soon.

Total time: 40 hours
Total boat cost: $467
Total tools cost: $200


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