Rudder shaping

Tonight I spent a little time after dinner cutting out the parts for the rudder. I’m building this based on dimensions from my plans for the piccup pram which seem to be the right size for the duck too. I found an article on duckworks that said Michalak later made comments about increasing the width of the leeboard for better windward performance. Tonight I drew out the new shape on the 3 ply epoxy board. Then I drew out the rudder shapes on my former “lamination fail” boards. I took them out to the shed and cut them out with a saber saw. There are some small gaps between the plywood layers which I plan to fill with thickened epoxy. It should work out just fine.

rudder pieces

rudder pieces

The hole cut out in the lower rudder blade is going to be filled with melted lead. The rudder is designed to kick up in shallow water. Then the lead-weighted blade will drop back down without having to push it down like I currently do with the Day Sailer 1 rudder. The leeboard will be made in the same way.

Total time: 41 hours
Total boat cost: $467
Total tools cost: $200


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