Milestone: Epoxy work complete on the hull

After doing some final ice storm cleanup in the yard this morning, I spent the afternoon working on the boat. I flipped it over on a pair of saw horses and filled all the gaps and cracks with thickened epoxy. I used the new wood flour I got from Duckworks and really liked it. I wish I had used that for the fillets too. Today was warmer and the epoxy was definitely kicking more than previous work. After filling with the thickened epoxy, I painted stripes of regular epoxy along the seams and laid on fiberglass tape and then dabbed more epoxy on top. The first side didn’t work out that great, but I got better as I went along. It’s good experience for the next stitch and glue boat project.

fiberglass edges

fiberglass edges


shiny and waterproof

shiny and waterproof


Total time: 44 hours
Total boat cost: $467
Total tools cost: $200


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