The first stringer is attached to the bottom of the boat. I guess I lied when I said epoxy work was done on the hull a few posts ago. I used epoxy to glue the stringer down to the bottom of the boat and screwed it down with drywall screws. When the thickened epoxy squeezed out the sides I smoothed it into the corners like a fillet. While doing this I realized there are a few other places in the boat that need more thickened epoxy.

1st stringer set

1st stringer set

We also sanded the oars with 320 grit sandpaper this morning. They are silky smooth now. It’s almost time to order some spar varnish.

After dinner I finished attaching the other two stringers. Now the bottom is complete. Now it’s time to work on the mast partner and step and the reinforcements for the rudder and leeboard.

Total time: 46 hours
Total boat cost: $467
Total tools cost: $200


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