Holes in the boat

Last night I finished attaching the stringers with thickened epoxy. Today I trimmed off the long end of the boards and removed the drywall screws. This leaves 24 small holes in the bottom of the boat. It’s a cool, rainy day – a little too cold for epoxy work. We’re in a weather pattern of warm weekends and cool/cold (sometimes snowy) weekdays. There’s a chance of wintery weather again this week. I’ve been thinking of camping out with Molly on some of these warmer weekends, but the overnight temps have still been in the low to mid 40s which usually means Molly tries to crawl inside my sleeping bag. Since they are the mummy shaped bags this doesn’t end well. Usually by butt is hanging out the zipper side while she’s warm and toasty on the inside. Another few weeks and we’ll see some overnights in the 50s and then we’ll be camping for sure.

stringers on

stringers on

Total time: 46.5 hours
Total boat cost: $467
Total tools cost: $200


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