Leeboard shaping 2

Tonight I got bored with trying to shape the leeboard with the half-round rasp. I finished off rounding the front and started a bit on the rear fin shape, but then I couldn’t take it any more and thought I’d try some power tools. The orbital sander finished off the rounding of the front edge but it couldn’t take off enough material for the fin. I pulled out the grinder and that did the trick. It left lots of little grooves and dug in too deeply in places, but it got the job done much more quickly. I’ll go back and even it off with the sander, but the rough shape is there. Below is an example of the ideal foil shape. Mine is a lot flatter in the middle, but I’ve got the rounded front edge and the tapering rear edge ending in a narrow flat section.

Trailing edge

Trailing edge

Trailing edge

Trailing edge

I might take the grinder to the leading edge and make it a bit more bullet shape and hit the trailing edge again to make the cut a bit more gradual. Then another sanding followed by epoxying the holes and fiberglassing the trailing edge. Finally priming and painting.

Total time: 48.5 hours
Total boat cost: $467
Total tools cost: $200


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