Leeboard shaping 3

I got a rolling tool chest from our neighbor Haig’s garage sale (may he rest in peace), so today I cleaned out the “workshop”, organized the tools and did a bit more boat work. I took the angle grinder to the leeboard again. I made the leading edge a bit more bullet shaped instead of just rounded over and I widened the angle of the trailing edge. Then I took the orbital sander to the whole thing. There’s a cool north wind blowing on this overcast day, so I decided to do a bit of epoxy work inside. I filled up the cracks of the lamination fail rudder with non-thickened epoxy to really drip down deep into the cracks. Then I thickened the remaining epoxy with wood flour and used that to fill the holes in the rudder blade and leeboard. There was still enough epoxy left over after that was complete that I went outside and filled the holes in the bottom of the bottom left from attaching the stringers with the drywall screws. The epoxy was really starting to kick at this point and was quite warm in the cup, so despite the cool weather it should cure just fine. The rest of the week is supposed to be in the 70s so it should be fine boat working weather in the evenings.


Total time: 50 hours
Total boat cost: $467
Total tools cost: $200


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