The Dragon

I’ve been calling this boat the Dragon Duck because all along I’ve had visions of mounting some sort of viking-style dragon head on the front of the boat. Since there is no graceful curve high in the air like a true viking ship, I intend to keep the dragon kind of low and more horizontal. I don’t want the head getting in the way of the front of the sail. I’m also not sure exactly how the head will be mounted, but I definitely want it to be detachable for easy travel. I’m also working around a hatch into the front air box in the center of the front of the boat. I’m not sure yet if the dragon will mount to the top of the hatch. Maybe the dragon head will be an alternate hatch cover. I intend to carve it out of two sheets of 1/4″ plywood laminated together. This is the concept sketch.

the Dragon

the Dragon

Each square is approximately 1″, so it’s roughly 1 foot high, 2 feet long and will slightly overlap the front and top of the boat.


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