Rear Deck Hatch and a Milestone

This weekend brought another milestone – all boat building inside the house is finished and I cleaned out the guest room.


Guest room has a clean floor

Guest room has a clean floor

Aside from a lot of house cleaning this weekend, I managed to put in about half an hour cutting out pieces for the rear deck hatch. I decided that and 8×8″ square felt about right for the size. The rear air box is smaller than the front, but could still be useful for holding small things. The key to these hatches is to not make them too big and keep them in the center. If the boat goes over on its side, it should float indefinitely as the hatches will be above the water line. The front hatch might be a bit larger, maybe 8×12 or 12×12. I haven’t glued up the pieces for the rear hatch yet, but they are ready to go.

Rear hatch opening

Rear hatch opening

Total time: 54.5 hours
Total boat cost: $487
Total tools cost: $200


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