Cutting the front deck hatch

Another gorgeous day in the upper 60s with a fine breeze blowing. Terrible to be stuck at work on such days, but to make up for it I came home and cut out the front deck hatch opening. I also cut the 1×2 surround for it. I made the front hatch 12″x12″ which now seems a little huge. There should still be plenty of space to keep it floating on its side in case it does go over without taking on water in the air box.

Front hatch cut

Front hatch cut

Now that the weather is so nice, it really feels like a race to the finish. I’m really looking forward to launch day, but there are still many little things left on the To Do List. A friend is bringing me a couple of pounds of lead to weigh down the rudder and leeboard. Once installed, I’ll be able to finish fiberglassing and then painting and assembling. Still need a tiller, a sail and finish on the spars and oars.

Total time: 56 hours
Total boat cost: $487
Total tools cost: $200


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