More clamps

Weather turned nice again today, so after a little badminton out back with the kids, I glued up the interior reinforcing blocks for the hatch hardware. Fiona helped by putting the glue on for me. I also sanded down the the rudder blade and stock, so the whole rudder assembly is now ready for painting and assembly! Once the glue dries on the decks they’ll be ready for priming, painting and finally getting screwed down to the boat. I’ve been waiting to put them on since it will be a lot easier to paint the air boxes with them off. The girls are calling for a green dragon, so we’ll be buying some paint very soon.

Last night before bed I put a wrap of fiberglass around the other side of the yard and boom. The mast still needs a wrap around the top. Then all three will get a sanding and then multiple coats of spar varnish.




Total time: 59.5 hours
Total boat cost: $487
Total tools cost: $200


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