Leeboard lead poured

Earlier this week I poured the lead for the leeboard. I melted the lead bars in the soup can over the camp stove again. Everything was going fine until I poured the melted lead into the hole and it started bubbling and spitting all over. Turns out the backer board I had clamped to the leeboard had been out in the rain and was still damp. The melted lead was boiling off the water from the plywood. Fortunately no injuries and the bits of melted lead were easy enough to pick up once they cooled.

Today I added the cast off bits of lead mixed with a bunch of epoxy to the cavity where the original pour didn’t quite fill up the 3/4″ space. Then I laid a couple of pieces of fiberglass cloth over the top and ran a strip of fiberglass down the trailing edge of the leeboard.

lead and glass

lead and glass

Total time: 66 hours
Total boat cost: $534
Total tools cost: $200


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