Got the bottom of the boat primed tonight and started assembling the rudder. I was thinking of putting a second coat of paint on it, but got impatient. I may still put another coat on it, but it was fun to see it go together.


rudder assembled

rudder assembled

It’s a clever design. The rudder blade can ride up (or be pulled up with a rope) in shallow water and the lead weight will cause it to drop back down in deeper water. The tiller is held on a bit of a shelf so it will stay up off the rear deck of the boat, but it can also flip totally over the other direction and fold down flat along the blade for easier storage. I’m looking forward to testing it very soon.

Last night we put a second coat of paint on the decks and painted the other side of the leeboard. A little more paint on the side of the boat and the leeboard will be ready to bolt on as well. It’s all starting to come together.



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