Hull painting complete!

Tonight I dusted all of the pollen out of the boat and put a second coat of white paint in the air boxes and green on the inside of the boat. This completes the painting of the hull.

Here’s the latest list of things to do before the launch:

  • attach decks
  • attach rudder
  • attach leeboard
  • second coat of paint on the hatch covers
  • assemble and paint the dragon
  • second coat of varnish on the yard and boom
  • girls decorate oars + top coat with varnish
  • build sail
  • add hardware for rigging

There are a few other things I want to do beyond this list, but they don’t all have to be done by launch day. Some of these things above aren’t completely necessary for the launch either, but this is my hope for the coming two weeks with a memorial day weekend launch party.


Total time: 78 hours
Total boat cost: $534
Total tools cost: $200


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