Artwork and launch?

We’re thinking we may try to launch Monday afternoon. Hopefully some of the crowds will have cleared out by then. We’ll see how it goes. Still haven’t decided where to launch yet. Perhaps Falls Lake will be less crowded with the flooding. In the mean time we’ve finished more artwork for the boat. Molly added this picture to the back side of her oar.

Molly and Daddy sailing

Molly and Daddy sailing

And I finished up the painting on the dragons today. Now I just need to attach them together and connect them to the front hatch cover.



Also Molly keeps reminding me that I forgot to paint the nostril on this one.


The To-Do List for tomorrow:

  • 2×4 supports on trailer
  • mount the dragon heads
  • rigging tests
  • hardware
  • convert canoe dolly to hold PDR?


Total time: 86 hours
Total boat cost: $534
Total tools cost: $200


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