Launch day postponed

As much as I wanted to launch this weekend, we decided to postpone for a week. Falls and Kerr lake are in flood stage. We normally launch from Rolling View at Falls Lake. There is a nice little boat beach near the boat ramp where you can pull the boat up on the sand with a picnic shelter, etc. Currently there is no beach – it’s underwater. At Jordan Lake they have warnings posted that they expect the parks to reach maximum capacity and be turning people away at the gates. I’ve been putting so much work into getting the boat ready, that I haven’t had time to plan the day at the lake with food, etc. We’ll spend this week finishing up the trailer situation and getting all the food and games ready for a day at the lake. Hopefully the weather will be favorable next weekend.

In the mean time, I’m living vicariously through Steve’s blog of the Log of Spartina. Steve is on a 10 day adventure around the NC sounds. I’ve been following his Spot track. Steve is currently exploring the Alligator River which is exactly the location I’ve been thinking of going for a long weekend adventure. Definitely a little jealous…


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