We let mama sleep in late this morning and the girls and I went off to Waffle House for breakfast and then on to Falls Lake for a little fishing. It was much calmer at the lake today. Only a few boats and jet skis about with more beach real-estate. There was another little girl at the beach, so much fun was had digging in the sand, swimming in the water and doing a wee little bit of fishing. I also finally convinced the girls to go sailing for a little while at the end of the day. We sailed past a nice home built trimaran with a dad and little boy ghosting along. Maybe it was my imagination, but I’m pretty sure we were actually moving faster than they were. I’m definitely enjoying the ease of set up and tear down. Today I had the girls in the boat and was rowing with the sail tied to the mast as it is in the picture below. Sitting on our little cooler with my back to the mast was a pretty comfortable way to row I’m looking forward to getting the real thole pins built, but in the mean time the c-clamps are working okay. Tomorrow is my first real solo voyage while the girls go off to a birthday party with real pony rides. Can’t wait to hit the water again tomorrow.

Fishing with the Terror of the Sea

Fishing with the Terror of the Sea


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