Wheels and handles

No sailing in the past two weeks, but I have made some progress on the boat. I got the thole pins built and this weekend I built a cart to roll the boat around instead of having to lift it. I bought some heavy-duty, solid rubber 8″ wheels for a hand truck and mounted them on a 2×4 frame that straps onto the back of the boat.

wpid-20140627_130414.jpg wpid-20140627_130402.jpg

With that positioned on the back I was able to roll the boat over some pretty rough ground, but now I need some handles for the front of the boat. I was originally going to use metal gate handles, but decided to make some handles out of paracord instead. I added those today. The advantage being that I’ve always got an extra 24′ of cord there for emergencies.

wpid-20140628_142711.jpg wpid-20140628_171603.jpg

I might have to redo them with black or green as the blue doesn’t quite go with the theme, but that was the only color I had. I’m ready to roll it up onto the trailer and haul it to the lake at a moments notice. Now I just need some good weather. This coming week is looking much better.


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