Evening on Falls Lake

Last Wednesday evening Tanya had to work late. I picked the girls up and took them to their afternoon dentist appointment. Then it was on to Zaxby’s for dinner and finally off to Falls Lake for the 7th sail in the Terror of the Sea. We launched from the Hickory Hill boat launch maintained by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. It’s nicely located close to I-85 and provides access to a part of the lake I haven’t explored much. The down side is there are no facilities. The girls and I had a great time exploring around. There was a nice breeze that had us moving pretty well around the lake. We landed opposite the ramp at what we thought was an island under a large bird nest on a telephone pole platform. We couldn’t get very far because of thorns, so it was back into the boat to explore. The next area Molly directed us to was very muddy.



We poked around in the mud for a bit and then went exploring again. We rounded the other side of the “island” to discover a narrow spit of land connecting us to the mainland.


Railroad track?

Railroad track?

There was a lot of gravel on this stretch of land and we found multiple railroad spikes. I think the train used to cross the lake in this area. Need to research that sometime. The sun was starting to sink so it was time to head back to the ramp. On the way we explored a little island of a few trees and bushes, but with no ground above water. The wind started to die down a bit so there was lots of tacking back and forth trying to make our way back up the lake to the ramp. Since it was more calm the girls climbed to the front of the boat. After sitting up there for a while, Fiona lost her balance and fell in. She clung to the dragon head and her life jacket kept her floating until I hauled her back into the boat. A few little scratches on her arm and a bit of a scare but no real harm done. The new first aid kit was brought into play to sooth the mental pain more than the physical. Bandaids fix everything.





We finally made it back to shore, loaded up and headed out just before 9 pm. It was a great adventure.


I used the new wheels on this trip to get the boat off the trailer and into the water. It worked really well except that the wheels just barely fit into the trailer. Today I knocked the support blocks off and moved the wheels to the inside to give it better clearance into the trailer. I’ll put some T braces on to support it instead of the blocks. Should be fine.

reconfigured mini trailer

reconfigured mini trailer



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