Another Evening on Falls Lake

These late afternoon/early evening winds have been great recently. I took the Terror out on Falls Lake tonight, launching out of Hickory Hill. The SW wind made for a great beam reach and I ran all the way down the lake toward Fish Dam Rd where a Bald Eagle flew over me. With a 14′ clearance marked on the bridge I sailed up slowly. The top of my yard scraped under the bridge but I made it under without having to drop the sail. From there I sailed south and circled the eastern most power line tower island where the high voltage lines cross the lake. A great blue heron greeted me as I rounded the island. The winds were really kicking up on that stretch of the lake with a few little waves just hinting at breaking. I set a new personal speed record with a sustained run of 5.03 mph on the gps, but the whole day was good for speed running at 4-4.5 a much of the time. Heading back to Hickory Hill I was sailing into the setting sun which laid out a golden highway on the water in front of me. A few tacks and I was back at the ramp. A perfect evening to be on the water. Got a bunch of nice comments from people fishing at the ramp too.

wpid-screenshot_2014-07-07-19-54-33.png wpid-screenshot_2014-07-07-19-53-42.png wpid-screenshot_2014-07-07-19-53-38.png


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