More Varnish

Finally getting around to putting some spar varnish on the thole pin blocks. I’ll do a little touch up of the green paint where I sanded it off to install the blocks and touch up a few scratches here and there. The paint has been holding up pretty well. The most wear is along the bottom skids where i drag it up onto the hard and along the edges where the leeboard rubs, etc. Those spots were all fiberglassed. I wonder if I didn’t scuff up the surface enough before priming and painting. Either way it’s doing fine so far. People have said that non marine grade plywood will only hold up for a few years no matter what, but since the boat is out of the elements I’m hoping it will last a good long time.

shiny varnish

shiny varnish

We took the boat up to Falls Lake on Labor Day, Sep 1st. We met up with Matt Zimbleman from Unit 5 woodworks. He brought a kayak out which the girls loved and we sailed the Terror a bit. The wind was pretty light, but it was fun to be out messing around on the lake at the close of the summer season just as we were there on Memorial Day for the start of the season. The lake was pretty crowded compared to the other times I’ve been out there this summer, but not nearly as crowded as Memorial Day. Looking forward to the wet, swampy August weather being left behind and getting some cooler, dryer, breezier weather to come.


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