End of the Season?

Temps are supposed to drop down to 22F this week. It seems like we went from 60s to low 40s with nothing in between. Later this week it’s supposed to climb back up into the 50s. Maybe I’ll be able to get another sail in. I was thinking of leaving work early this past week and going for an evening sail, but with the daylight savings time switch back there is precious little evening light these days. The Terror of the Sea has been on the water 12 times this year. That’s a pretty good record for first launching at the end of May. I’m also thrilled that she sailed some salt water as one of those trips. It’s been a good year on the water, but one goal escaped me – sleeping on a boat. Shore camping on the little island from the canoe was an excellent runner up to that though. Now it’s time to start building some new boats. I’ve got plans and wood to build a pair of Jim Michalak’s Totos. I think the girls will really enjoy messing around the lake with those. It will be fun to have a boat that’s lighter than our big fiberglass canoe and something that Molly can paddle herself. I’ll use the Klepper paddles for one of the boats and maybe I’ll experiment with a Greenland paddle for the other.


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