Build prep

I’ve been doing a lot of organizing this past week to get ready for the Toto build. I built a mast crutch for the DS1 and bought a new tarp for it. It’s now moved outside the car port. I then built a rolling cart for the Terror of the Sea and stood that up on its end on the cart. It can now be easily rolled around the garage. Since it’s a little unstable on its own I have it strapped to the wall at the end of the garage. I’ve moved my rolling tool chest into the shed as there have been more thefts in the neighborhood recently. I’ve reorganized my power tools. I took the table saw off of its stand and have it stored on top of the rolling tool chest. I can now easily pull it out and place it on the garage floor instead of having it down in the storage area under the screen porch away from all the other tools. I just have a few more things to clean up in the shed and it will be much more functional and ready for the new build.

There are just a few last things to acquire for the winter build. In order to do epoxy work in colder temps I need to get a couple of drop lights to provide a little heat. I also want to build a bunch of clamps from a length of 4″ schedule 80 pvc as described by Chuck Leinweber. I’m also thinking about getting a disc sander for my electric drill. Something like this. I have a grinder already. I need to see if there is anything that might fit both the grinder and the drill and use the 5″ sanding discs I already have for the orbital sander. The one other thing I’ve been contemplating is building a pair of saw horses. It’s always handy to have some extra ones around. I’ve got a pair of cheap plastic ones that fold up. It would be nice to have some stronger ones that you could also cut on and not worry about tearing up the plastic. I like that the above design is easy to build, stacking and has a top board that can be replaced if it gets really torn up from sawing through.

All of that is, however, for another day. Today I want to get all the plywood pieces cut out for the Totos. I’m looking forward to trying out the new Porter-Cable jig saw I bought for the job. I did some test cuts with it a few days ago when building the DS1 mast crutch. If I finish all the plywood pieces, I’ll try to get the temporary forms cut out of the leftover MDF from my recent shelf building project. The upcoming build steps are as follows:

  1. cut out all plywood pieces from the 5 mm underlayment
  2. cut out temporary forms from MDF
  3. start gluing the SYP strips from Matt to use for blocking around the bulkheads
  4. epoxy the panels into full lengths
  5. build bulkheads

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