Forms Cut and Epoxy Started

It was a beautiful 60F day. I really wanted to be out sailing, but the girls weren’t having it. To make up for it I got a bunch of work done on the new boats. I started bonding the front and rear panels into long whole panels with fiberglass tape and epoxy. In order to try to get them to lay flat I put down the tape and epoxy and then covered with a trash bag and weighted them down with bricks. This worked okay, but left a wavy pattern in the epoxy surface. I think the fill coat later in the afternoon filled all that in and smoothed it out, but I just put that coat on a little while ago. Doing epoxy work in an open carport on a windy day is not the best environment for premium results. I ended up getting dirt and leaves blown into the mix. It’s really annoying. I might have to resort to building the boats in the basement which I’m sure Tanya will love. Originally I was worried that if I tried to build them in the basement I wouldn’t be able to get them out, but they are so shallow that they could go out the window once complete. It would certainly make epoxy work easier with no wind and warm temps.


While I was waiting for the epoxy to cure enough to put the fill coat on, I cut out the rear bulkheads and all the temporary forms from 3/4″ MDF left over from a recent shelving project.

Bulkheads and temporary forms

Bulkheads and temporary forms

Even with the bricks some of the joints did not come out as level as I would like. I think when I flip them to do the other side I’m going to clamp the edges between long strips of wood. I’ll do the same for the next boats worth of panels too. If they are firmly clamped I should be able to glass both sides at the same time as well.

Next Steps:

  1. Finish joining all the panels
  2. Start gluing the SYP strips
  3. Build bulkheads

Hours: 3/9


2 thoughts on “Forms Cut and Epoxy Started

  1. A scrap of plexiglass, lexan or a strip cut from an empty jug will leave a nice smooth surface when clamping. Will stand out as unnaturally smooth compared to the wood surrounding it though.

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