Fill Coat & a paddle

I didn’t want to quit after glassing the panels so I went outside and started sanding down the paddles from the Klepper. You may remember from my first post that I learned to sail on the Klepper. The paddles are long overdue for some maintenance, so I sanded the finish off the first one today. I need to have Matt help me identify the wood. I think it’s a teak blade on some sort of fir shaft, but it would be nice to find out for sure. I’ve got the first one down to bare wood with a rough sanding and a partial finer grit sanding. It still needs another fine sanding before refinishing.

45 yr old Klepper paddle

45 yr old Klepper paddle

The epoxy set up nicely this afternoon in a warm basement, so I was able to put the fill coat on as well. Time to settle into the couch for a Christmas TV show with the family.

Hours: 1.25/12


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