Rainy Afternoon Basement Takeover

It’s a cool, rainy 50F day here in Durham, NC. I wanted to get working on the boat, so I glued up more of the SYP strips. I haven’t measured yet, but that should be enough to go around all the bulkheads and transoms as nailing strips. The glue went on before lunch.

More glue

More glue

After lunch the girls went to a birthday party, so I laid out some plastic in the basement, brought the panels down for boat #2 and glassed them together. Despite what I said in a previous post, I didn’t really change my approach. The only thing I did differently this time was to epoxy all the way to the edges and use a single long piece of fiberglass tape to cover all the seams. It’s so much easier than trying to glass on little squares of tape where the glass fibers are pealing off the edges and getting into everything. I’m still using my West System epoxy from the PDR build, but it’s starting to get low. I suspect it will run out before the boats are fully glassed. That will be a lot more epoxy than I used on the PDR, since I only glassed the edges on that boat. I went for the garbage bag technique again since I didn’t have any other smooth plastic, laid some heavier MDF on top and weighted it down. Hopefully it will result in flatter joints than the first attempt, but I couldn’t really see the joints after I laid the plastic over them. Hopefully everything is okay under there.

Panels for boat #2 going together

Panels for boat #2 going together

Thinking over the next steps there are still many hours to put into these boats. There will be less construction than the PDR – no sail rig stuff to mess with, but there is more epoxy/finish work on these boats. It will be interesting to see what the final hour tally is. I think they’ll be ready to hit the water much earlier in the year than the PDR was. I think a March launch is quite reasonable assuming Tanya doesn’t kick us out of the basement. If we get a lot done over the Christmas break, it could be earlier in the year than that.

Next Steps:

  1. Glass the backside joint of all the panels
  2. Build bulkheads
  3. Attach panels to bulkheads and temporary forms
  4. Fair the seams
  5. Wire the panels together
  6. Epoxy fillet the interior seams
  7. Remove wires
  8. Remove temp forms
  9. Patch holes, sand
  10. Glass the exterior
  11. Attach gunwales
  12. Attach front crossbar/nose trim
  13. Epoxy interior
  14. Paint interior/decorate
  15. Attach rear deck
  16. Build hatches
  17. Finish paint

Hours: 1.5/10.75


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