Sawhorses & First Planks

Yesterday’s boat building project was to make a new set of sawhorses. The Toto doesn’t require building a strongback and mounting the temporary forms, but I needed something to get them up off the ground and hold the forms straight. My old folding sawhorses are plastic and didn’t provide a flat vertical surface for clamping.

wpid-20141223_170433.jpg wpid-20141223_170418.jpg

The instructions said it would take 30 mins to build and it took me all day between taking breaks to play with the kids, grocery shopping and another trip to the store for more screws.

Today I struggled to get the first planks onto the forms. Since the forms aren’t attached to a strongback you need about six hands to try to hold everything in position and get it glued & nailed together. Trying to get the transom attached gave me the most grief. Definitely going to require some filler and extra sanding there. Despite the struggle we have the first look at boat shape.


Giddy-up, horsey!


Side planks nailed, screwed and glued

Hours: 1/16 (not counting sawhorses)


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