I was so excited this morning to finish chores and get out to the boat. I was going to be stitching in the bilge panels today and then it would really look like a boat. I picked up one panel and tried to fit it in and realized something was dreadfully wrong. When glassing the fore and aft parts of the bilge panels together I had mixed up the port and starboard pieces. I had actually written it correctly at first and then went back and crossed it out for some reason.

should have triple checked

should have triple checked

I don’t know why I doubted myself in the first place, but I should have tripled checked it. So today I had to cut the seams on the two bilge panels, swap them back to the right location and reglass them. They are setting up in the basement now and I’ll fill coat them before bed. With the excess epoxy I finished off the Klepper paddle repair.

basement epoxy - again

basement epoxy – again

I’m debating whether the other side of the panels needs to be glassed. Probably not. The whole exterior will be fiberglassed. The one side should hold them together enough to be wired into place.

Hours: 2/19

[edit] After coming back from dinner the panels were already set up hard. Fortunately in most places I had gone pretty thick on the first coat so it really almost didn’t need a fill coat. I should be able to sand it without damaging much of the fiberglass. Also this really only needs to hold the butt joint together for the build process as the entire exterior will get fiberglassed in the end.


3 thoughts on “Blunder

  1. Need at least a narrow strip of cloth or tape bridging the panels at fillets on the inside. If you have to cut your own “tapes” cut on bias if possible so all fibers bridge the joint. Makes 45/45 degree tapes instead of standard 90 degree tape where only one direction of fibers adds strength to joint.

    Maybe a patch of cloth where your feet will be for abrasion resistance since you will end up grinding grit around there.

    • Oh, just realized you were probably meaning glass entire inside of panels while still flat.
      No, not needed. Maybe bottom plank in way of cockpit as abrasion armor.

      • Yup, what I meant was that I will only glass the inside side of these butt joints. The entire outside of the hull will get fiberglassed. Inside the fillets will get taped and the entire inside will get epoxy coated. The exterior of the boat will definitely get painted, but still haven’t decided 100% on the insides. I’ll probably make the final decision after I see how it looks epoxy coated. Decoration is also partly up to the girls.

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