Right side up

Today I finished wiring in the port side bilge panel. The next step was covering all the seams with duct tape to prepare for the epoxy fillets on the inside. The duct tape keeps the epoxy from leaking out the seams. I’ve been using electric fence wire. It’s a 17 gauge wire which is easy enough to twist by hand, but I used a pair of pliers to tighten it up in places. It’s not strong enough to really crank down on, but it did a good job. I’ve had it lying around for years. With a 1/4 mile spool the kids will probably throw it away when they clean out my shop after I’m dead.

electric fence wire

electric fence wire

After getting it wired together there was one spot that really missed the mark somehow. It’ll fill up fine with epoxy, but I’m not sure how my measurements were so far off here. It will be interesting to see if boat number two has the same issue.

big gap

big gap

There’s one other spot where one of the bilgeĀ panel butt joint is located that also isn’t a very fair line


indent at the butt joint


seams taped

seams taped

wpid-20141229_170522.jpg wpid-20141229_170535.jpg wpid-20141229_170750.jpg


Finally the boat is upright and my fears of a wildly crooked boat have been set aside. It won’t be a work of art, but it should function just fine.


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