Bottom patching and fillet sanding

It was a great weekend for our annual scooter rally, but I didn’t get a ton of work done on the boat. Friday night we also spent 4 hours in the ER. Our 4 yr old broke her arm. On Saturday I put in about 30 mins sanding fillets inside the boat. I wrapped sandpaper around a dowel to sand the fillets. It’s definitely a workout. I got about a third of the fillets sanded. Then today I flipped the boat back over and spent an hour and a half or so filling all the gaps with thickened epoxy to get ready for fiberglassing. One more sanding and it will be ready to go. Hopefully this warmer weather holds for a while.

On Saturday I also weighed the boat. I wanted to see how much it weighed before all the glass & paint. Of course it also still needs the rear deck and hatch added. At the moment though it’s 31 lbs.

Hours: 2/32


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