The long-awaited day has arrived. The bottom of boat number 1 has been fiberglassed. It took me two hours this morning to wet out the 6 oz fiberglass cloth. I went through 32 oz of resin, 16 oz of hardener = 48 oz of epoxy. I used a narrow paint roller and a piece of plywood as a pallet. I draped the cloth over the boat so that it hung over all sides. Starting at the middle of the bottom panel I started working toward the rear. I wet out the bottom and bilge panels first working out from the middle. Once the bottom and bilge panels were done, I started in the middle of each side panel and worked fore and aft. This allowed the cloth to stretch a bit in the right directions so I didn’t end up with any wrinkles. Finally I wet out out the transom which required cutting and folding the cloth at the corners where it met the side panels. Later today I need to do a fill coat and then I still need to apply a few coats on the inside. I think I’ll be ordering more epoxy for boat number two. I’m pretty happy with how the cloth went down on my first boat. 37 hours in and it’s coming along nicely.



Five hours later I did the fill coat. The boat was still sticky in a few places instead of rubbery, but I was running out of time and day light, so I went ahead with it. The fill coat only took 13 oz of resin, 6.5 oz of hardener = 19.5 oz epoxy.

I need to get some better quality rollers. These rollers left all kinds of fuzz in the epoxy. Hopefully it will sand down smooth. I picked out the big fuzz balls as well as I could, but there are small fibers everywhere.

Hours: 3/38


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