Fiberglassed interior

It was a beautiful weekend with temps in the mid 60sF yesterday. It would have been a great day to be on the water, but we already had plans for the afternoon. In the morning I decided to finish off the interior fillets, fiberglass tape the seams and epoxy coat the wood. This all took a lot longer than I expected. The fillets went quickly enough. I mixed up 9 oz of epoxy for the first run which is about the max I can mix in the paper cups and still have enough room to add the saw dust filler material. I mixed this batch a little too wet and the fillets started to sag a bit. The next batch I used 6 oz of epoxy and got them a little thicker. The new fillet sticks worked great. After the fillets were all in place I cut the fiberglass tape to cover all the seams and laid this into the wet fillets. Then I went back over it with epoxy for both the tape and the wood. I used 27 oz of epoxy and it took much longer than I planed. My roller was all gummed up from the last time and wouldn’t roll so I had to paint on the epoxy with a chip brush. This did not go nearly as well as the rolling method. The brush laid down too much epoxy with a tendency for drips and sags to form. I had to go back over the wood in many places to try to move the epoxy around and minimize the sagging, but in the end I did end up with some sags. Given my time frame I was hoping to get enough epoxy onto the fiberglass that it wouldn’t need a later fill coat. This was only partially successful. Hopefully I’ll be able to scuff it without cutting through a lot of the fibers for a second coat. I also didn’t fully cover the wood, so it needs more epoxy in many places before it’s ready for varnish and paint. The interior was definitely much more frustrating than the exterior. Being under a deadline to finish didn’t help either. I’m nearing the end of this 1.5 gallons of epoxy. Time to order another batch. With the temps in the 60s that medium hardener set up pretty quickly. After 5 hours it was dry to the touch. Given the temps will be warming up as I get to boat number 2, I think I’ll buy the slow hardener this time around. After the little bit of epoxy work left it will be time to cut and mount the skeg and then the deck and hatch. By the end of the month this boat should be ready for paint.

Hours: 4/43


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