Rear Deck

Just a little puttering on the boat today. I cut out the rear deck and put a couple of bricks on it to flatten out the wood. I still need to cut out the access hatch, but I haven’t 100% decided which method I’m going to use to close the hatch. I’m thinking of having it sit flush in it’s own hole with a lip on the inside of the hole with some weather stripping. Then I might put a couple of raised handles on the hatch and put a strap across the top to hold it down. I could use a snapping buckle with some extra length to it and it could also be used to strap gear down on the rear deck.

I also put temporary form 4 back in place to stretch out the hull and found a bar to go across. I was going to screw and glue it in place, but I realized I don’t have any stainless steel screws the right length. Time for a trip to Lowes.




Tomorrow I might start assembling boat #2 as it’s too cold for epoxy and paint. There’s also interior sanding that can be done on boat #1.

Hours: 0.5/43.5


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