Today I assembled a new cage for the guinea pigs using a lot of the boat building techniques I’ve used on the last few boats. I went with external chine logs glued and screwed to the same 5 mm Triply floor underlayment I’ve been using on the Totos. The box is 3′ x 5′ and 1′ high. All the inside corners got epoxy fillets. It took 7.5 oz of epoxy, but I ended up making too much. Could have gotten away with less.

Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea Pig Cage

We’ll give it a few days for the epoxy to set up, sand it down a bit then prime and paint. I’m using the same Behr ultra white paint I used in the air boxes on the Terror. Next weekend I’ll put together a wooden frame for the top with a piece of hardware cloth stapled down. That will get hinges and perhaps a weighted pully. Then the kids will be able to get at the piggies more easily.


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