I cut the skeg out of some select pine today and sanded down the edges. I predrilled pilot holes through the bottom of the boat and into the skeg. Then I threaded screws up through from underneath so it would be easy to set the skeg with epoxy on it in the right location.  Then I mixed up 4.5 oz of epoxy (which was way too much) and put unthickened epoxy on the skeg and the bottom of the boat. Then I took some of the epoxy and mixed in wood flour to thicken, laid that down on the skeg and set it onto the screws. I tightened the screws and pulled the skeg down onto the bottom of the boat. With the extra thickened epoxy I ran a fillet around the skeg where it joins the bottom. With the extra unthickened epoxy I coated the skeg. I still had a bunch left so I started coating one of the gunwales.

skeg in place

skeg in place

Once the epoxy cures it’ll be time to scuff the epoxy, prime and paint the bottom.

Hours: 1.5/46


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