Terror of the Sea seasonal refit

It was a beautiful day and I contemplated going sailing. I got the boat out of the carport and up on the trailer. Before going sailing I decided it was time to replace all the crappy zinc nuts and bolts I had used last year with some stainless steel. I also decided to replace the thole pins with regular oar sockets. All the zinc had already started to rust after only one season on the water. Good thing I replaced it all now or it would have been much harder down the road.

Rusty zinc nuts and bolts

Rusty zinc nuts and bolts

The brass oarlocks are much prettier

Brass Oarlocks

Brass Oarlocks

After that I could have gone sailing, but I decide to redo the rigging for the sail. I added some big zip tie mast hoops (temporary solution), fixed the halyard to the mast, and added some lazy jacks. Now I can drop the sail and the boom is held up by the lazy jacks and catches the sail nicely as well.

Lazy Jacks

Lazy Jacks

A little bit of touch up paint and the Terror of the Sea is ready to hit the water in fine style again.


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