sailing weather

Today is perfect sailing weather – sucks to be stuck inside at work, especially when I finished tying the sail onto the new boom last night. Here’s the boom with 2 coats of wood finish on it before the sail went on. The gunwales got another coat too.

new boom

new boom

This morning I installed a few eyelets to get the hatch to tie down. The first one was going into the bottom of the hatch and into the skeg. Naturally in my rush in the few minutes I had before taking the girls to school I drilled right through the bottom and through the skeg. I installed the eyelet.

trouble eyelet

trouble eyelet

There wasn’t enough wood to attach the eyelet in the hatch cover so I mixed up a little epoxy and attached an oak block to screw the eyelet into. Using a little bit of leftover epoxy I filled the hole in the bottom of the boat.

oak block for the eyelet

oak block for the eyelet

One final coat of white paint and I might declare it finished. The wood finish on the gunwales is a little bumpy, but it might be good enough for now.


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