Fillets at Dawn

Over the last few days I’ve taped the exterior seams with duct tape and flipped the hull. Yesterday I started on the epoxy fillets. I was really hoping to finish the interior fillets, but ran into some problems with the last batch of epoxy. I tried to mix up 12 oz and put it all in a large ziplock. The batch ended up a little drier than I wanted and started getting hot fast. I was sweating as I was putting it down. Just when I started putting in the fillets, the bag ripped and epoxy started squirting out the side as well as the tip. Back into the shed to transfer it to a smaller bag. Probably lost a quarter of the batch in all that mess. Finally got the fillets down, but not as neatly as I would have hoped. There will be some extra sanding in my future. Should have stuck with the smaller 6 oz batches I had been doing.

taped seams ready for fillets on the inside

taped seams ready for fillets on the inside

My sleep schedule is all messed up because our daughter has been sick so I woke up at 5 am this morning. Since I had nothing better to do, I decided coffee and fillets at dawn sounded good. There wasn’t much left to do so I mixed up a 4 oz batch. I dripped some of the unthickened epoxy down into those gaps at the stem of the boat and then thickened the batch slightly. Still drippy, but a little thicker, I dabbed some of that down into the gaps. Then I finished thickening to the peanut butter stage and laid in the rest of the fillets.

fillets with coffee

fillets with coffee

This boat is moving! Obviously there was a bunch of work before starting the build with making all the forms, cutting out the parts and epoxying the planks together, but we’re at under a week of build time and it’s ready to have the forms and stitching removed. We’re off on vacation to the beach next week. I’ll be bringing the other two boats. Looking forward to getting them salty again. When we get back it will be time to fiberglass the hull.

I also got some Patriot Sureply floor underlayment from a friend for the Piccup Pram that’s next on the build list. My friend, Matt, gave me some leftover cedar which will make some nice floor boards, etc. I’ll be starting the next boat before the summer’s out at this rate.


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