Dressed in White

I was hoping to have the exterior of Toto #2 glassed today, but as I was finishing the final sanding I found a couple of stitching holes that never got filled as well as a few screw heads that needed some putty. I mixed up another small batch of the System 3 fairing epoxy mix and smoothed out some other spots as well. I have to say that the fairing compound is a little addictive. I can image coating a lot of the hull several times over to get that perfect smooth surface, but I’m building quick and dirty boats here, not production hulls. I want it to look a little homemade. After waiting a few hours for it to cure I did the final sanding and then laid out the fiberglass.

Dressed in White - ready for epoxy

Dressed in White – ready for epoxy

I’ll need to steal a few hours from work one day this week to roll in the epoxy. Looking forward to getting this boat in the water this fall.

On Friday I went for a nice 3.5 NM paddle on Falls Lake. I launched from the Beaver Dam location where there are no power boats allowed. Nice quiet afternoon on the water.


Falls Lake on a Friday afternoon

Falls Lake on a Friday afternoon


Last night I had a quiet night at home so while watching some Sci-fi I tied off a new Monkey’s Fist. This is another in my series of MFs tied around a tennis ball. Nice size and weight for throwing without injuring someone on the dock. This one was made from an old dock line that came off my dad’s boat from years ago. It’s got some nice weathering to it.

New Monkey's Fist

New Monkey’s Fist


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